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If you’d like to contact me, use the form below. I do personally read and respond to all of my email, with the following caveats:

– Limit your messages to me to four sentences or less. If it’s longer than that I won’t read it or respond to it. I’m a busy man. – Unless you’re a paying customer of mine, please allow for up to a week or two for a response. I do respond, but it takes me time. I’m a busy man.

– I don’t read hater/troll emails. Once I’m about three or four words in, I instantly stop reading and delete it. If you disagree with me and are trying to describe a specific view, backed by specific points, that’s perfectly okay. I’m talking about obvious drive-by hater email; those I just trash unread. I’m a busy man.

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    One Comments on “Contact

    1. In your story about the airlines giving you a hard time, I regret to inform you that you have been pranked, most likely by law enforcement. Their sole motive would be that you promote “open relationships”. Under police procedure sexually frivolous behavior is a primary indicator of criminality. They where trying to prove to you that its in their power to seperate you and Pink Firefly, as though seeking uninterrupted access to her. I know that LEOs can and will do this, on account of I was raised by those devious fuckers.
      The law sees themselves as everyones mommy and daddy. Thats why they are called by malcontents, “the five oh”.

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