“Automation will destroy us!”

“Automation will create 40% unemployment!!!”

“We need the government to provide everyone a minimum income or else we’re all screwed!!!”


We’re going to drop our cost of living by 90%, that’s what we’re going to do.

It’s here, folks. Just as I predicted a very long time ago. They can now build an entire four-room house for just $10k in 24 hours. And this is just the prototype. Once we get economies of scale on stuff like this, you’ll be able to buy an entire house, seriously now, for about $1,000.

How scared of automation are you now?

People who fear automation only see the downsides; they completely ignore the ridiculously massive upsides.

I’m pretty excited.

7 Comments on “Build A House in 24 Hours for Just $10K

  1. I’d watched that video some days ago. Pretty awesome. Right now I’m really hesitating between trying to buy a studio ASAP, no matter how small (because of what I see as the Alpha 2.0 aspect of owning your place and not answering to any landlord etc)…or being realistic about my current finances and sticking to renting until better days. Technologies like this make me think that I stand to gain by waiting. I’m curious what your opinion is on this.

  2. It’s kinda crazy just how desensitized we get to just how fucking awesome technology has gotten in the in the last couple decades. Do you subscribe to the Wall-e future where everyone is fat and has all their needs met, or the mass poverty and techno-feudalism scenario?

  3. Typo “we need THE government”?

    Even if prices don’t get lowered, more people will be freed up to pursue their own activities. More will be encouraged to go into creative and development fields, which would help humanity more.

    Less mindless jobs is a good thing overall.

    Self driving cars would make everyone’s commute and lives so much more efficient. Extra sleep or eat while the car is driving.

  4. I’m curious what your opinion is on this.

    Whether to buy or rent is a complicated question based on many factors in your life; not something I could answer in a comment.

    Do you subscribe to the Wall-e future where everyone is fat and has all their needs met

    No, because by then, we’ll have the technology where everyone will be skinny and hot (genome therapy and nanotech):

    mass poverty and techno-feudalism scenario?

    Maybe; that’s more possible. I don’t “predict” that though.


    Fixed; thanks!

  5. In the future, even a Walmart greeter will live in a 3000 sq ft house and bang models.

    Yes, but in a virtual world. 🙂

  6. And sexbots. Also, when science advances far enough (CRISPR), you’ll be able to create your own perfect women. And yes, that’ll happen in your lifetime.

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